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"It is a fortunate thing for all of us who love Northport Point, that, during the Glacier Period, Mother Nature graciously deposited our beautiful boulders and left intact the Peninsula which is today Northport Point. Had it not been for this geological phenomenon this spot would not exist."

- Jack Oliver







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"Northport isn't on the way to anywhere. It's the end of the line, a place you can't just pass through. Living there is almost like living on an island, with water around you on all sides. But most people, in fact, do come here because they mean to, whether it's by boat or by the long drive up the serpentine coast. Once you've been here it's hard to leave. Especially when smack in the middle of Northport Bay looking back at the boats moored at the boatyard, the sweet village doting the coast, the strange canopy of gulls overhead. You can't help but feel overcome with a sense of where you are, choked with an awareness of just where you are on earth, exactly, at that precise moment. And exactly where you are is just about wonderful."

- Emily Betz, Traverse Magazine



The Centennial Celebration in 1999 was a great success!

Leelanau Penninsula In Northern Michigan

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